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You’re not expected to be as prim and proper at a rock show as you are at the symphony. 

But even rock ’n’ roll has some rules of etiquette. As we hit the peak of the summer-concert season, here’s a bit of basic training.

Dance, but don’t mosh. 
It’s OK if you want to show off your moves or even do the Macarena. Just don’t bash into the stranger next to you.

Live in the moment.
Take a quick picture, if you must. But do us all a favor and pocket your smartphone after the first song. You’ll be surprised how much better the music sounds when you’re not busy texting or tweeting.

Keep your harmonizing to yourself.
It’s fine if you want to sing along to the chorus of the big hit. But otherwise, let the actual performers do the performing.

Hire a baby sitter.
It’s great that you want your little Aidan to see the band that changed your life. But let’s face it: Aidan doesn’t want to be there, and no one wants to sit behind a fidgety 6-year-old at a rock concert.

Stop yelling song requests.
Chances are, the band will eventually play your favorite song anyway. Resist the urge.

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