Great Listener Reviews for Quinn Sullivan’s Getting There Album

Getting There: Sullivan's Debut CD on SuperStar Records
Getting There: Sullivan’s Debut CD on SuperStar Records

Sure there’s been mentions of Quinn Sullivan’s album Getting There in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Herald, to name just a few, but fans have also taken to the Internet to share their responses to the album. We’ve pulled some of the fan comments from his Amazon page to share the buzz.

“One of my favorite blues man took Quinn under his wing and I respect him even more for that. Quinn can play and will only get better. I love help supporting this young man. Buy it, he will be around for a long long time. You rock Quinn :-)”

“So… can a 14 year old white boy from Massachusetts play the blues? That question almost sounds ludicrous, until you hear Quinn Sullivan. Like Roy Buchanan, he simply has been…born to play. You know the old story about Robert Johnson goin’ down to the crossroads? Well, Quinn went down there, and scared the hell out of the devil!”

“Quinn is just what Buddy Guy And Kieth Richards said .The REAL DEAL!!!! I totally enjoyed this album and look forward to seeing him live soon,and can’t wait for his next album!!!”

“Quinn is the future of rock and roll/the blues. If you have a chance go see him live.
He will blow you away! This CD is very good!”

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