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Justin Kalk Orchestra Joins Superstar Records Artist Roster,
Announces Two Upcoming Album Releases

Alternative American rocker and noted Stratocaster abuser Justin Kalk and his Orchestra sign with Superstar Records, joining artists Quinn Sullivan (Billboard Heatseeker), the legendary Jack Mack and The Heart Attack Horns, Grammy™ winner Tom Hambridge and the noted tenor, Andrew Morstein.

We’re standing in a darkened club in quaint and funky west Philly waiting for Vocalist/Composer/Stratocaster smashing Justin Kalk to take the stage.  The audience is comprised solely of the bar staff, band members from the preceding shows and a handful of their fans – most of which are on the way out the door.  “We’ve never played in Philly before” Justin later informed us. “It’s kinda like how Van Halen got signed”.

Tonight’s Orchestra, a trio comprised of bassist Steo Britton and drummer/percussionist Jeremy Williams, storms on stage (oblivious to the paltry crowd) with an unapologetic version of “You Stole My VCR”, one of the band’s signature tunes. Jaws drop; heads turn and guitar cases are placed down. The crowd stays intact and engaged deep into the set, mesmerized by Kalk and his bands’ obvious musical power-trio talents and tightness as they sail thru The Orchestra’s vast and diverse repertoire.

Nashvillian Justin Kalk brings a highly original, yet rooted, pallet. He pays tribute to many familiar genres with Lennon, Dylan & Hendrix-flavored songwriting, heart wrenching Buddy Guy style blues, live Hip Hop (ala The Roots) and orchestral compositions sprinkled in that would make even the legendary Frank Zappa proud. It’s tough to box him in.

“Regardless of the time period, the music most relevant to me always has an emotional richness to it. Driven by storytelling and stunning musicianship at the same time. Like Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Beatles or Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. Inspired by artists like Skrillex & Jay Z are doing today.  No boundaries.  We strive for that same level of integrity in our music and hope that fans around the globe will one day find our contributions to this movement just as powerful” offered Kalk.


Tom Hambridge (Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi, ZZ Top), Justin’s Grammy Winning producer agrees. “Justin’s got an edge to him that’s very current, in-touch and passionate but, at the same time, rooted in classic influences that just sound so natural baked inside his music. We’re very excited to have Justin join this label and explore our creative potential with a solid team to back him up.” Kalk continues “we’ve been waiting for the right chemistry with a label partner and feel like we have found a great home.  They’ve put together an incredible business model and are giving me a lot of room to be me” Kalk’s own upcoming “Stiff Necked Rocker” label is also part of the alliance.

Superstar and Stiff Necked Rocker plan their release of Blue Sky Traffic, expected for an October 2013 release. In addition, Kalk’s next all new album, VoLcanO fm, is set for release February 14, 2014.  Kalk’s alliance with SuperStar Records also includes touring, merchandise, song licensing and other creative endeavors.

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