In advance of Quinn’s several New England shows this month two prominent Boston publications have featured the New Bedford native this week. Jedd Gottlieb, reporter with the Boston Herald, previously profiled Quinn back in 2009 when Quinn was just nine years old and he was able to check back in with him from his recent show in Toledo, Ohio. Quinn and his dad Terry talked about how things have changed since his first album and how he plans to balance high school with his growing career. It’s no secret that his lightening-fast trajectory is thanks to his mentor Buddy Guy, who has not only helped open doors within the industry but also taught him some important lessons about how to navigate the life of a traveling musician. The Boston Globe asked Quinn to talk about some of the advice Buddy Guy has given him and you can read the entire list here. Quinn Sullivan will be at Northampton’s Calvin Theatre on August 2nd, Lowell’s Boarding House Park on August 3rd, and at the Cape Cod Melody Tent on August 7th. But that is just the New England leg of his tour. There are over a dozen more shows before the summer season is over so there’s a good chance Quinn Sullivan is coming to your town. Here’s a link to his tour page for the full list.

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