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Honeybee Cover


November 17, 2015


Nashville, TN. November 17,  2016.

John Heithaus, Managing Partner of SuperStar Records has announced that Andrew Morstein’s new EP, Honeybee and Other Love Songs, is set for release January 16, 2016.

Upon graduation from Indiana University’s prestigious Jacobs School of Music and global tours with the noted acapella group Gentleman’s Rule, the uptrending bel canto Tenor Andrew Morstein presents his solo EP on SuperStar Records. Featuring A-List musicians, the EP showcases Andrew’s soul-inspired arrangements and stirring performances of three classic modern love songs complemented by two new compositions, Blurred Vision, co-written and produced by Joe Vitale (CSN, Eagles, Joe Walsh) and the EP’s namesake solo masterpiece, Honeybee written by Andrew.

The EP features three hand-picked covers and two of Andrew’s originals, Blurred Vision, co-written the legendary Joe Vitale of CSN, Eagles and Joe Walsh fame and Honeybee, Andrew’s masterpiece and the EP’s namesake title.  01 I’m a Man (Winwood, Intro: Benson, Cleveland & Gaye) * 02 At This Moment (Vera) * 03 I Made a Promise (Wahl)  * 04 Blurred Vision (Vitale, Morstein)* 05 Honeybee (Morstein)

Honeybee and Other Love Songs features musicians Joe Vitale, Greg Mayo, David Santos, Billy Nobel, John Heithaus, Gus Berry, Tom Wahl, Pete Young, Justin Kalk and Bill Bergman & the Jack Mack Horns. Andrew Morsteinappears on Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar and Arrangements.

The EP is produced by John L. Heithaus and Joe Vitale (Blurred Vision) Audio Engineering: Pete Young, Leland Elliot, Justin Kalk, Domenic Sabol Recorded and/or Mixed at CTM, JKO Studios, White Rock Studios & BHP, Kensington, MD Mastered at Cphonic and Abbey Road Online Mastering, UK Design by Chris Baron of CGB Media UK. Photos by Maximillian Tortoriello.

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